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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Three Things About Russia

1) My heart goes out to the families of those killed in the horrible hostage crisis. I hope that they can all find some peace after such a terrible ordeal.

2) I continue to be disappointed by the Russian leadership. Even though Putin is ex-KGP, I had hoped that with the fall of the Soviet Union that things would change. It would appear that my hopes have thus far been in vain. Lying about the hostage situation just sounds so behind-the-iron-curtain.

3) I'm just a little peeved (although I do appreciate the irony) about Putin's latest announcement:

MOSCOW (AP) - A wounded Russia threatened Wednesday to strike against terrorists "in any region of the world," offered a $10 million reward for information leading to the killing or capture of Chechnya's top rebel leaders, and criticized the United States for its willingness to hold talks with Chechen separatists.
Oh, so when America gets attacked on her own soil, we're supposed to show restraint and wait, on bended knee, for the blessing of the trifecta of perfection: France, Germany and Russia.

But when Russia experiences a national tragedy (and one on a far smaller scale than 9/11/01) they can run around and say that they are going to "strike against terrorists 'in any region of the world"!

I wonder...where is the New York Times? How about the LA Times and the Washington (com)Post? Humm? How about France and Germany. Shouldn't their gutless leaders be shaking their lily-white fingers at that meany Putin? Oh, maybe it's just that the French and Germans don't have any -cough-oil-cough- interests whereever the Russians are planning strike.



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