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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Little Red Blog

Marvin has an outstanding post entitled America At War. This post is right on target and contains very possibly one of the best lines I have seen in a long time:

The wars of the last century, like the current war, were against an enemy not of the United States, but of mankind’s inalienable rights.
He could not be more right. We're not being attacked because we want land. We're not in it for money, fame, glory or even oil. America has always fought against those who would deny freedom to others. Today is no different, only a variation on the theme, albeit a deadly serious one.

One final excerpt that cuts through the usual BS straight to the Truth:

Islam, as practiced by a majority of the worlds Muslims, allows for no such individual variance of thought. Our enemy is often described as economically or politically motivated, while the truth that his argument for his actions comes directly from his understanding of his faith and its teachings, is ignored. Not having such justifications, our enemy will not flinch in his attempt to destroy us. Islam, the religion, may or may not be agreeable with liberty, equality of opportunity, and justice. What is clear is that the people, who practice Islam, while waging war of terror on the United States and our allies, do not concern themselves with such things.
Read the whole post and put the subtitle of Marvin's blog to the torch by making Little Red Blog a regular stop in the blogosphere.


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