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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Kerry's After Action Reports

I know, I know...McCain has told us all that it doesn't matter what happened in Vietnam. Well, if Kerry is going to lie so obtusely, I'm going to hold him accountable.

The Command Post has the PDF of the After Action Reports of the day which Kerry won his Silver Star (Captain's Quarters translates). Here's the important section (apparently written by Kerry himself):

“PCF 94 beached in center of ambush in front of small path when Viet Cong sprung up from bunker 10 feet from unit. Man ran with weapon towards hootch. Forward M-60 machine gunner wounded man in leg. Officer-in-charge, LTjg Kerry, jumped ashore and gave pursuit while other units saturated area with fire and beached placing assault parties ashore. Kerry chased VC inland behind hootch and shot him while he fled — capturing one B-40 rocket launcher with round in chamber.”
Doesn't quite sound like the old Him 'er Me thing, does it? As always, you be the judge.


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