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Monday, September 13, 2004


Governors Beware

I just got an email from Public Safety:

SUSPICIOUS LETTERS: Six state governors have received letters with match head shavings and an ignition mechanism. They were sent by an inmate in Ely State prison in Ely, Nevada. So far, none of the letters have ignited and no one has been injured. The FBI is following up and all mail at the prison has been isolated for inspection. It is possible that other letters are out there. There is no indication that anyone other than governors have been targeted. In an abundance of caution, we are alerting staff about the existence of the letters and recommending steps to respond to suspicious letters. The mail room and critical offices have received special briefings and all available information is contained in this message.

The letters come in business size (10") white envelopes. They are stamped in red on the back, "Ely State Prison"

Addresses are handwritten including the return address of the sender. A thirty-seven cent "USA" postage stamp with the American Flag has been used for postage. Public Safety has photo copies of the envelope.
Since no one has been hurt, I'll go right ahead and see the humor in this. Can't you just see some pissed off (and pretty honest) inmate sitting in his cell thinking, "Damn the Man!" and deciding to send these things to some governors? Thank God for prisoners' rights, huh?


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