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Monday, September 13, 2004


End Of The World (Wide Web)

Here's a potentially interesting story on the future of the Internet:

Sep 10, 2004 (financialwire.net via COMTEX) -- (FinancialWire) Remember those "End of the World" signs? Well, Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) says it may be nearer than we think. Except the sign says "End of the World Wide Web."


It's PlanetLab, some 429 computer nodes in 181 sites around the world, is supported by 150 universities and corporate research labs, including Princeton, Cambridge, Hewlett-Packard and AT&T.

However, Cisco controls most of the routers and switchers comprising the current web, and it may have other ideas.
I don't really know what Cisco's "other ideas" might be...but I think somebody should really get Al Gore on the phone...


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