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Monday, September 27, 2004


Arthur's Good News

Chrenkoff's Good News From Iraq, Part 11 is up. Arthur continues to out-do himself.

For anyone out there who thinks Arthur is nuts, consider this logic behind his own assertion:

These small steps forward might not mean much in themselves but cumulatively they point towards a better future. Every Iraqi child that dreams of becoming a sport star is one less child that dreams of becoming a martyr or a holy warrior. Every group, club or association that springs up across the country helps teach Iraqi people the habits of trust and cooperation, two qualities that are the mortar that binds together every successful democratic society.
And then compare that to the reveared and quite overweight Senator from Taxachusetts:

WASHINGTON (AP) The Bush administration's failure to shut down al-Qaida and rebuild Iraq have fueled the insurgency and made the United States more vulnerable to a nuclear attack by terrorists, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said Sunday.
So long as the dirtbags are willing to die in Iraq, they're not dying in America while taking us with them. We each have the freedom to decide which side we're on, Arthur's or Ted's. Where do you stand?


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