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Monday, August 16, 2004


Video Killed The Radio Star...

...and Political Correctness may have killed the Columbia Astronauts:

Foam falling off the tank is nothing new. It was first documented in 1981. But it greatly increased in 1997. You see, in 1997 NASA was forced by environmental regulations to use a different method to apply the foam to the tank. The old method used Freon and we all know the environmentalists consider it the worst substance ever created. (except maybe DDT) So NASA was forced to use a different method than the engineers had originally called for.
This is not a new story (although I apparently missed it originally). I hope that people will learn a lesson from this terrible tragedy: Political Correctness can kill. When we give in to our fears and emotions (i.e., save the baby seals at all costs), we endanger real human lives.


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