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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Two Great Ideas...


First up:

August 15, 2004 -- With little fanfare, the Federal Reserve will begin transferring the nation's money supply over an Internet-based system this month — a move critics say could open the U.S.'s banking system to cyber threats.
Duh. You don't say. This is about as good an idea as electronic voting systems.


EU orders health ID cards for all tourists

Britons traveling in Europe are to be issued with a new card to give them swift access to the health service when they fall ill. The technology for issuing the cards - which could be a forerunner to more widespread identity cards - is being prepared by the Department of Health, on instructions from the EU Commission, which wants a standard card in use across all 25 EU states.
The day Europe tries pulling this kind of crap with US Citizens is the day they lose any future tourism $$ from my wallet. A variation of President Heston's famous line comes to mind...and the language is not fit to publish =).


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