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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Protesters At The RNCC

Towards the end of the DNCC, I blogged briefly about some protesters. There were few protesters, few arrests and almost no disturbance (at least in part due to the Free Speech Zones).

Additionally, recall exactly who was protesting and causing disruptions. I'll give you a hint...it was not Conservative groups (although some were there, I never saw any reports of them causing problems).

Compare that to what is likely to occur during the Republican Convention in NYC. We've got a new play coming out (although it's hard to say where) called "I'm Gonna...the President!" A Federal Offense [truncated so that phrase doesn't appear on my site] (via Drudge).

Now Rush has mentioned a few fun groups that are likely to make an appearance during the RNCC, including (and the Village Voice has a more complete list):

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence flying in from San Francisco It's a bunch of males, bunch of gay guys dressed up as nuns. You've got Dykes on Bikes going to be rolling into town.
I think he takes the right approach to all this:

Let 'em! You know, let America see -- (laughing) -- the Kerry supporters at the Republican convention. We could call this the kook All-Star game. I mean, they've got all the All-Stars of all the freaks.
But let's not forget the (likely) contrast between the restraint shown by Conservative groups at the DNCC and what I'm predicting to be raucous, and perhaps even destructive, protests etc. at the RNCC. And when all this comes true, ask yourself this question:

Which group, the Conservatives or the Liberals, really practices dirty and divisive politics?


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