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Friday, August 06, 2004


More On Swift Boats...

In Search of Utopia has taken issue with the Swift Boat issue...and even mentioned yours truly, hence this post.

ISOU references this article as proof that the Swift Boat Vets are full of crap. I caught a few minutes of Rush this afternoon, and I learned a few interesting things. First, George Elliott has apparently reaffirmed his statements and said that the article is simply inaccurate. Second, the 'journalist' who wrote this piece for the Boston Globe is also (coincidently enough) is in the process of writing the official book for the John&John campaign.

Drudge has a short piece that seems to confirm all of this.

As a semi-separate issue...ISOU has said that he will boycott any more discussion of the Swift Boat Vets issue. This is by no means fair or noble for a simple reason (as I've said before):

It was John Kerry himself who made his service in Vietnam a major campaign issue. To ignore it now is only to admit defeat.

So don't give up Dave, this is way too much fun =).


Daily Pundit has a post on this topic wherein he states that the official Kerry/Edwards book is being written by Michael Kranish. However, the link to Amazon reveals that the book is being listed as authored by Kerry and Edwards (which I have a hard time believing considering the campaign schedule) with no mention of Kranish. What's the deal?


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