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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Micheal Kranish and J & J

Well, it would appear that there is some funny business going on with the official Kerry/Edwards book (as I mentioned in the update to this post). Remember our old buddy Michael Kranish? He's the Boston Globe reporter who, in addition to be an 'objective' journalist, wrote a Kerry biography.

Well, it would appear that he did not stop at writing a biography. No, he also went on to write the official Kerry/Edwards campaign book...before he unwrote it, of course. Instapundit has done the world a service by saving a screen shot of the Amazon.com page in question here (permalink to post). Compare with exhibit B (Amazon's current page) here.


Now what is going on here? How did the authorship get changed?

It is entirely possible that his was a simple mistake by Amazon.com. If so, I sure wish they'd set the record straight.

It is also possible that Kranish really did write the book, and the Kerry/Edwards campaign realized that this was a political time bomb and somehow managed to get the authorship changed.

Any other possibilities you can think of?

As for proof one way or the other...I would like to hear from Amazon as to who the authorship got changed.

Also, I would love to see any proof whatsoever that either John had anything to do with the writing of this book. Do they have notes, drafts, etc.?

I doubt any of this will be forthcoming but hey, a guy can dream.


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