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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Great Post On Right To Carry

The Commons has a great guest commentary post on the ever contentious topic of the 2nd Amendment. Here's a teaser:

Further, as I pointed out in an earlier paragraph the police are not charged with protecting us as individuals, but the public as a whole. Therefore, we must take more of an active rule in our own protection. This means one must have at hand the tools to protect oneself and one’s family, and it is a personal choice as to how best to accomplish this. However, the most effective means available to people is the firearm. There are also many choices as to which firearm to use. For home defense there is the handgun and the shotgun. This is a choice I will leave up to the individual. An armed citizen is also less likely to have to use his weapon, because as this essay has pointed out, criminals are more likely to avoid a house where they suspect to find an armed citizen.
Read the whole thing. It's very reminencent of John Lott's work (he is cited) and The Swamp Fox does a great job of pulling together a number of sources with important information.

Read the whole thing.


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