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Monday, August 02, 2004



I realize that polls are most likely overplayed in both the Media and the Blogosphere, and for myself I don't put too much stock in them. However, the fact that John&John have failed to take a lead (here and here) with the excitement of the DNCC still lingering in the electrified air just might be significant. At the very least it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

What does this really mean? Well, here are two theories that I think might be possible.

1) Nobody's excited about Kerry's campaign. This weekend I got together with some friends I haven't seen in a while, giving me the chance to ask one of the more liberal of the bunch whether or not she was excited about Kerry. The short answer was 'not really' and the underlying issue is (as expected) ABB (Anybody But Bush). This would account for a lack of bounce in that the Dem Party faithful are already committed to Old Tall And Boring because of the ABB issue. The thing that should scare the pants off the ABB crowd is the fact that the VP nomination hasn't really rallied anyone to the Left. The fact that the polished trial lawyer image and that youthful smile of the 3-year old channeler hasn't really bumped up any polls should make the Left worry.

2) Nobody was watching anyway. I think it was Rush who pointed out that an episode of CSI (I think) got better ratings than all three major networks combined. This lack of interest could signify at least three (non-mutually exclusive) possibilities. The first is the point above no one is excited about Kerry and, therefore, few actually bothered to tune in. Second, people have already made up their minds (supported by the low number of undecideds in poll numbers. Third, people just aren't interested in politics right now.

I suppose that all the conjecture percolating out there really doesn't mean all that much. The important thing will be what people think about when they step into the voting booth in November. The question, I hope, will come down to: Which candidate will keep American safe from all threats, foreign and domestic? If other issues trump that all important question we will be in big trouble, whatever the outcome of the election.


Love it! (NE Republican (the permalink is broken)).


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