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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Bill Clinton On The Daily Show

This morning on CNN Headline News, I caught just a few sound bites of Bill Clinton being 'interviewed' by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. I can't seem to find a transcript at the moment, so we'll go from memory.

The two were discussing the 'attack ad' put out by Swift Boat Vets For Truth and Clinton said something to the effect: It's just ridiculous that anyone is attacking John Kerry's war record. George Bush and Dick Cheney are hawks today, but the both managed to avoid combat when their generation was being called.

Have I ever mentioned that Bill Clinton makes me want to vomit. I don't mean that in a metaphorical sense. He makes me physically ill.

Has anyone out there ever noticed that Bob Dole's right arm doesn't seem to get a lot of use? Do you know why? How is it possible that many people I ask have absolutely no idea what happened to his arm? Humm... Remember, he ran for President in '96. How is it that his arm never became an issue? Could it possibly be that he has the dignity to not use a war wound as a political toy? Could it be that Bill Clinton and his people were actively trying to keep war records out of the public discourse? Now I wonder why that would be?

Does anyone remember what Bill Clinton was doing while George W. Bush was flying fighter jets?

For that matter, does anyone know what George H. W. Bush was doing during WWII?

The point is that the Left only uses the military when it's convenient for them (i.e., when they have the jets) and they sicken me.


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