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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Attacking Swift Boat Vets

Well, the attacks from the Left keep on coming. Now these jerks are claiming that the Vets are violating CFR by accepting 'soft money' (via The Command Post):

In the complaint to the Federal Election Commission, the watchdog groups argued that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth should have used only limited contributions from individuals known as hard money on the ad and should disclose its donations and spending in reports to the FEC.

"We this think is open and shut, that the only purpose of this group is to influence the presidential election," said Fred Wertheimer, head of Democracy 21.

Mike Russell, a spokesman for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, said the ad is legal because it does not tell viewers which candidate they should vote for in the presidential race.
First off, let me just say that I am disgusted by the fact that we have, in America, gotten to the point where someone can say the only purpose of this group is to influence the presidential election and then conclude that the group's actions are illegal. What the hell is going on here? People complain about the Patriot Act, please! Let's try CFR and see if it fits in the right Censorship spots.

Totally aside from the underlying Constitutional issues, I am further disgusted by the fact that the Left has decided to do what they can to attack and silence a group of War Veterans! And here I thought they had seen the light with all the swooning over Kerry's 4.5 months in Vietnam. Guess not, huh?

This just goes to further prove (and by now we are well beyond the shadow of any doubt) that the Left is disingenuous and shallow. All they want is Power, and they will stop at nothing, sacrifice anyone and smear any group with as large a brush as necessary if it will further their agenda. No wonder politics continues to be nasty. Any normal person should be nearly incapable of containing his or her righteous rage. So I say: Let Loose!


The Bear has some good thoughts:

Up until now, Kerry has gotten a pass on his Vietnam time: the general impression has been "He talks about it too much, but he was some kind of war hero back in Vietnam". Now, there's an alternate perspective: "Not only does he talk about it too much, but he's actually a liar." From the 10,000 foot view of the average voter, the Swifties don't have to prove their case in a court of law for Kerry to take damage: they just have to throw a bit of doubt onto the lily-white image he's portrayed thus far. In that, they've already succeeded.
Here's hoping.

Yet More:

Some more interesting facts of which I was unaware over at mypetjawa (and note that I've added him to the blogroll):

Wait a second, let me get this straight, the main defender of Kerry's 'band of brothers', the man who viciously attacks the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for not serving on John Kerry's boat, only served with him for a couple of days!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? All the reports I had ever seen about this man was that John Kerry had saved his life--not that they only served together a couple of days.
Interesting, wouldn't you say?


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