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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


9/11/01 At Sea

American War Monger recounts for us his experiences on 9/11 and the days immediately following (via Redhunter). Here's a bit:

At the time I thought it was sort of funny but after about an hour or two I started thinking about the guy and how we sounded and realized that yes, we probably would knock him out of the air if he even thought the words "Allah akbar" (god is great). This is not anything against Muslims, they have every right to be here and be free, just like non-Muslims, if not more. It was just as though a small dog came up to the rotweiler on the porch and took a chunk out of his soft underbelly. We were on the complete defensive and wanting something, anything to tear limb from limb.
While reading this post, recall the criticism of the President by the Left (specifically Michael Moore) that Bush spent something like 7 minutes of inaction after the second plane hit. This ship (a freaking war ship) was underway in 2 hours. And, let's not forget that some other so-called leaders spent far longer unable to think (40 minutes by the Waffler's own admission).


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