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Tuesday, August 17, 2004


7 Minutes On 9/11/01

I am posting this because I hope that someone will be able to help me out. If you have any information on this topic I would greatly appreciate it if you'd get in touch with me.

There has been a lot of talk (from the Left) about the 7 minutes that President Bush spent in that Florida classroom after he was told that the second WTC tower had been hit. When I first heard this story (which is true) I thought there might be a little more to it than, say, Michael Moore might reveal. I was happy to see at least a possible/reasonable/logical explanation linked to at The Unmentionables. From there the link trajectory is:

NE Republican --> PoliPundit --> Tim Blair's comments section

...and there the linking stops. However, that particular commenter directs us (via text only) to little green footballs. At that point, it took a little searching, but I found a post's comments that occurred at approximately the right time and is on the topic of interest. Unfortunately, while I was able to find Reaganite, I could not find any explanation of the 7 minutes by the alleged original source (Reaganite).

I have emailed both CJ of The Unmentionables and the email provided for the commenter 'Reaganite' and have yet to receive a reply.

Again, if anyone has any info that might shed some light on this issue let me know. You will be properly compensated (-cough-I'll give you credit here-cough-).


Alex Harris (of Wandering Mind fame and a Homespun Blogger) sent me an email with a link to this press release. Certainly this lends some support to the Secret Service explanation, although I'd be more comfortable with a news story (or a few of them) with some first-hand accounts. We'll see what else comes to the surface as we continue to strive to unearth what the Media won't.

Update 2:

I know, I know. What, exactly, is the point of even discussing this. As you can see here our guys were on the move fast. The only reason I bring this issue up is that I'm sick and tired of the old Left-unfairly-attacks-W-and-W-remains-above-the-fray-and-does-defend-himself thing.

Yesterday I emailed Reaganite who has posted quite a bit at LGF. While there are obviously things he cannot talk about, but he did tell me that although he did not write the words of this comment, the information is factual.

So in conclusion I would just like to say: Hey Michael Moore (and everyone who agrees with the windbag), please get your facts straight before you go accusing the President of the United States of America of being indecisive and...Shut Up Already!


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