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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


You Know Your DNCC Is In Trouble When...

...Frankly, Dan Rather is a little bored. Make that a lot bored.


Anyone remember all the complaining that some (especially from the Left) did about the Free Speech Zones to which protesters have been confined while Bush is around? I actually agree that these so-called Zones are a serious restriction on Free Speech and should not be allowed. But...let's just point out some hypocrisy:

It would appear that evil VRWC* types are not the only ones enforcing Free Speech Zones:

Meanwhile, groups of pro-life and pro-family protesters at the Democratic National Convention are finding it difficult to get their messages across. They have found themselves relegated to a fenced-in area with two layers of cyclone fencing with razor wire at the top and a net overhead attached to a catwalk with armed snipers. It is the only place they are allowed to demonstrate, so the various groups are going to challenge the arrangement.

* Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


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