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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Where's The Outrage?

Remember those British Marines and sailors who where "detained" by Iran a little while back?

As I recall, they were marched in front of TV cameras (a violation of the Geneva Convention) and now it turns out they were subjected to the atrocity of faked execution:

LONDON (Reuters) - Iranian soldiers who detained eight British naval troops last month on the Iran-Iraq border subjected them to a mock execution, The Sun reports.


"We had been taken into a small ditch which we thought was our shallow grave," he said.

"There was just ten seconds of silence, ten seconds of hell, as we waited for the bullet," he added. "And there is no doubt at all that that is what the Iranians wanted us to think."
Remember all the discussion about how fake executions are horrible and the US should be forever condemned if it turns out we ever did such a horrible thing? (Oh, and this is nothing new for the Iranians.)

I ask you: Where is the outrage over the treatment of these men?


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