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Thursday, July 01, 2004


Some Fahrenheit 9/11 Trivia

As I noted previously, the blog fahrenheit fact is a great resource for countering the baseless and often twisted accusations made by Michael Moore. Here are a few issues that I have 'discussed' with some liberal friends after they contributed to Moore's retirement fund. See if you know the answers without looking.

1. George Bush signed the order for Saudis to leave the US on 9/11. True of False? If false, who actually signed that order? Answer.

2. Bush is a lazy jerk and all he does is vacation. As a matter of 'fact,' he is on vacation 42% of the year! True or False? Either way, how was that percentage calculated?

3. Bush has always been a lazy (rich) jerk, even back in his so-called Air National Guard days while he was dodging service in Vietnam he didn't even bother to show up. Did he actually serve? Answer.

4. We only went into Afghanistan so Bush's buddies could build that oil pipeline. True or False? Answer.

5. Bush is obviously in cahoots with the Saudis because our embassy in their country is the only one with Secret Service agent protection. Really?

Want more hard-hitting truth? Go check out fahrenheit fact.


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