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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


More Good News From Iraq (Part 5)

Before I get to Arthur's post, I would like to alert you all to a new sidebar feature: Good News From Iraq. I, for one, am tired of the Media ignoring all of the good things happening in Iraq. Obviously, Arthur's updates have been wonderful and I am happy to report that I have recently found AM Siriano's Good News to be another great source of Good News From Iraq. Check them both and keep the faith!

Arthur has the 5th installment of Good News From Iraq. Same question as always: Where is the Media. Here's a bit:

HEALTH AND EDUCATION: Health system resurrected:

"Iraq's health system overall is off the critical list and more or less stable, if suffering occasional lapses. Last year, $245 million (£135 million) was spent on reviving its 240 crumbling hospitals, more than a dozen times the $20 million budget it had under Saddam (roughly 44p per person). This year, the spending will nearly quadruple to $950 million. The 32,000 doctors and nurses will be retrained to catch up on the past 15 years of medical science. Staff who fled to the US and Britain are occasionally coming back and state-owned hospitals that were once 'self-financing', Saddam-speak for making patients pay for operations, are free again."
Overall, "[h]ealth-care spending in Iraq has increased some 30 times over prewar levels." The man who was the acting Minister for Health until the responsibilities were transferred over to Iraqis in May, Jim Haveman, the former director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, says that Iraqis are now better off: "People are beginning to see there's a world out there. Saddam kept them isolated, now they're seeing it now they're eager to get there. People say it might be ten or fifteen years but I don't think so. I think it's going to take three to five." Haveman had also this to say about the Iraqi economy.
Check it out.


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