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Monday, July 12, 2004


The Left Redefines Life?

Feminists call for abortion debate

By Emma-Kate Symons, Social affairs writer

TWO leading feminists have urged a debate about late-term abortions, citing scientific advances in keeping premature babies alive under the legal limit for terminations.

Founding members of the Women's Electoral Lobby, Eva Cox and Wendy McCarthy, said there should be public discussion about abortions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.
"At the beginning of life there is no doubt we have technology now where babies who 20 years would have died can be kept alive," said Ms McCarthy.

"It's quite a proper debate to have. The 20 weeks was always based on the viability of the foetus, and probably that's still a good number. (hat tip After Abortion)
This article is good news in practical terms, but the pro-abortion types still miss the point. I also give huge credit to these abortion supporters for having the intellectual honesty and integrity to call for this debate. After all, anything that might lead to fewer abortions is generally a good thing. However, I find the argument used here to still be failing.

The reason we have so many abortions, in this country anyway, is that Life is defined in terms of viability. Viability, in turn, is determined by our ability to keep a baby alive once outside of the womb.

This definition, by its very nature, is absolutely certain to change over time (I have written on this at Useless Knowledge previously). Therefore, this definition cannot be THE definition. There are two potential definitions that are sure to not change with advances in science and medicine. They are: 1) Life begins at Conception and 2) Life begins at Birth. No one (I hope) is going to argue that life begins at birth (although some will). So...the only possible definition is that Life begins at Conception.

Any other definition (whether it allows more for fewer abortions) is only temporary, is subject to change and actually distracts us from the true moral issues underlying abortion.


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