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Monday, July 19, 2004


Good News From Iraq: Part 6

Arthur's latest installment of Good News From Iraq is up. If you read any news at all...you owe it to yourself to read this post (and the 5 previous posts as well). The mainstream Media is failing us, and Arthur does a good deal of work to provide us with some balance. For example:

"Iraqi public has little faith in the new interim government of Ayad Allawi, with only 27 percent approving the formation of his cabinet. However, more than two thirds (81 percent) said they would like Allawi's government to disarm local militias or bring them under its control... [M]ore than half believed that the forthcoming general elections would be 'just and fair' while only 18 percent said they would be 'unfair'...

"66 percent of Iraqis objected to the presence of foreign troops while only 29 percent said their presence was necessary. An even lesser number - 41 percent - said they would feel safe if the troops left...

"Regarding electricity, 64 percent agreed to a question that power supplies were worse than under the ousted leader Saddam Hussein. But 58 percent said the overall economic situation was better than before...

"The poll... reinforces results from earlier surveys that Iraqis dislike any system of government that is based on religious, sectarian or ethnic grounds."
So there is some disagreement amongst the Iraqi people, huh? Sound like any other well-functioning, free society you can think of?


Awesome! I just saw Arthur's post that his Good News From Iraq is now at Opinion Journal! Congrats Arthur!


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