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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


What's That Pesky 9/11 Commission Up To?

Powerline has some thoughts:

Which makes me wonder about the commission's motives for opining about the presence or absence of an al Qaeda-Saddam connection. As I understand it, the purposes of the commission are to figure out what went wrong prior to 9/11 and to recommend changes that will prevent future terrorist attacks. I fail to see how the relationship (or lack thereof) between al Qaeda and Iraq bears on either purpose. It is possible that the commission nonetheless decided to address this issue in the name of historical completeness. But, in the current climate, it strikes me as gratuitous for the commission, for example, to have expressed its "belief" on the essentially unknowable question of whether Mohammad Atta met with Iraqi officials in the Czech Republic or, for that matter, to now undertake an inquiry regarding Ahmed Hikmat Shakir, the lieutenant colonel to whom Lehman referred.
The whole thing just strikes me as disingenuous from the get-go. Between the obvious fingerpointing (where we were told only 'fact finding' would occur) and potential 'witnesses' being on the panel I just have a hard time putting any faith the Commission at all.

Deacon makes some other great points in the post that you're not going to find anywhere else. Give it a read.


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