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Thursday, June 03, 2004


What A Cute Flippery Fish!

I am apparently a Flippery Fish in the Blog ecosystem according to The Truth Laid Bear (hat tip NE Republican).

I have little to no idea what this means...but it's got to be good. There is, however, always room for improvement so...LINK TO MY POSTS =).


Wow, that's what I call results. A mere 28 minutes after demanding that my posts be linked to, I get a hat tip from NE Republican. Not too shabby. (I definitely should have thought of this earlier.) So I send thanks to my kindred spirit in the Blue North East.

Update 2:

#5388? Eh, not bad. At least I'm not a microbe. Let's keep linking and move that rank onward and upward!

Here's the foodchain, as it were:

Higher Beings
Mortal Humans
Playful Primates
Large Mammals
Marauding Marsupials
Adorable Rodents
Flappy Birds
Slithering Reptiles
Crawly Amphibians
Flippery Fish (<--that's me)
Slimy Molluscs
Lowly Insects
Crunchy Crustaceans
Wiggly Worms
Multicellular Microorganisms
Insignificant Microbes


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