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Monday, June 07, 2004


Saddam's Trial Prospects

This article posted by Drudge highlights the problem with putting massively evil dictators on trial:

"It's the fear factor," he explained. "Saddam may be in custody but the other detainees know from past experience that if they turned 'Queen's evidence', revenge would be taken against members of their families".

The newspaper's source also said the Iraqi dictator, ousted by the US and British invasion in March 2003, had hidden any written proof of his direct responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

"Saddam was very clever at power-laundering, which meant that decisions were filtered down to junior levels, making it difficult to prove a direct line of responsibility", the source said.

The combination of fear of retribution and the fact that no dictator worth is salt will go on record saying, "Kill him" makes it hard to put them on trial. Here's the thing that bothers me. Trials are supposed to (by US standards) be judged by a 'jury of your peers' and are meant to determine one's innocence or guilt.

Firstly, Saddam has no peers (and if he does they too should be shot) and secondly, we know that he is guilty. There is absolutely no possibility that all of these horrible and systematic atorcities were carried out against his wishes or even without his knowledge. It's just not possible. And don't give me any crap about Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Not here.

I'd say shoot him but I'm not sure he's worth the price of the round. Maybe just feed him feet first through a plastic shreader and be done with it. The only 'problem' would be finding willing excutoners. Any volunteers?


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