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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Red Cross Says Charge 'im Or Release 'im

I find this story absolutely amazing. The Red Cross says:

Saddam Hussein must either be released from custody by June 30 or charged if the US and the new Iraqi government are to conform to international law, the International Committee of the Red Cross said last night.

I see. So we're supposed to treat Saddam like any old, run-of-the-mill POW, right? Now, I've got no particular problem with charging him with multiples of hundreds of thousands of deaths, he obviously deserves it. The problem I have with this attitude is that the ICRC is essentially equating Saddam Hussein with a common criminal. Thank God they haven't gotten around to worrying about whether or not our boys read him his Miranda Rights while digging him out of that nasty little hole.

I guess what the real issue, for me, boils down to this: the workings of the judicial process where Saddam is concerned look very much like those when big-time mobsters are tried. In that case, we have a witness protection program...and even here in America it is far from perfect. Think of what potential witnesses must be thinking in Iraq right now. There are still plenty of Saddam sympathizers out there. Any witness against that evil dictator will be taking on a huge risk to life and limb not only for him/herself, but also for his/her family.

You know, people are constantly trying to convince us all that Iraqis are just not ready for Democracy. I happen to think that they are more than ready for freedom and will learn to handle the attached responsibilities...with time. Likewise, in the case of judicial proceedings I have supreme confidence that the Iraqi People will develop into masters of the trade. However, this will take time and the IRCR is pressing for charges today. Tomorrow, they will be pressing for a speedy trial with plenty of taxpayer funded public defense of the Butcher of Baghdad. After all (ready the tears), he lost everything when the big, bad, 800-pound gorilla sat on him and his cowardly little generals (sniff).

Just watch. It will happen. There will be people out there whining that Saddam wasn't given a fair trial. I have only one question for them: Could you sleep at night knowing that you did you best to see a mass murder set free?


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