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Monday, June 28, 2004


Power Handed Over In Iraq

Congratulations are in order for the Iraqi People, the Coalition and President Bush. The Iraqis have taken the first step to being in full control of their own destiny (the next big step will be the elections scheduled in January).

I say Congratulations! History will look back on this day as a very significant one in the creation of the first Arab Democracy in the Middle East.


For the stories check out Sky News and The Australian.


Hindrocket over at Powerline has a slightly different take on the early handover of power today.

I think it was a great move to trump the Terrorists and not give them a chance to build a sustained and coordinated attack leading up to July 1. I suppose that the presence of that consideration could be taken to mean that we're not in complete control...but I think that's pretty obvious anyway.

The reason we're not in control? Simple, we have decided that we'd rather watch our soliders die than kill innocent Iraqis along with the guilty. We could easily 'put down' the Terrorists, but we'd probably end up alienating most Iraqis, the world and even our own citizens. Not an easy decision, and not one I necessarily agree with, but one I do understand.

In any case, check out what Powerline has to say and make up your own mind.


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