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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Paul Johnson

May God Rest His Soul.

Here is the AFP story about Mr. Johnson's hometown.

Drudge is running graphic pictures of Mr. Johnson's decapitated corpse (warning: they truly are graphic).


CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - The purported leader of al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia was killed in a raid in the capital Friday, Saudi security officials said. Abdulaziz al-Moqrin, 31, was killed by security forces who had surrounded militants in a downtown neighborhood shortly after the discovery of the body of an American killed earlier in the evening, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Update 2:

For those of you who question whether or not such images should be made public (as with the Nick Berg video and the more recent photos) I refer you here (me) and here (Rush).

I know I've harped on this before, but I honestly believe that actually seeing what these animals are capable of is the only way to truly appreciate just how depraved they really are. As Rush put it:

Andrew, I know you're probably still out there. His point was what went in Saddam's torture chambers and prisons is "not news." We know it's bad, and that's the kind of things those people do and we don't need to see it. But what we do is news because that's not who we are, he said, and I think thinking like that is going to render us a bunch of softies. If we are unwilling to face what it is we are fighting, and if we are unwilling to take a look at what it is we are fighting and what will be done to us if we don't defeat these people, then we may as well cash in the chips and build a wall around the country. Maybe build a big bubble around the country, let enough sunlight in so the plants will grow, but we just retreat from the world so the terrorists can't attack us and can't get to us.

The American people have never seen these photos and movies of Saddam torture. That in itself is news. Let's share the evidence with the American people. Why censor this information? Media knows from the Abu Ghraib photos that pictures are far more effective in telling a story than the spoken word is. We know what Adolph Hitler did, too, but the media showed the concentration camps and the atrocities and the evidence of genocide after the war and they should have, and we have never been allowed to forget it -- and we never should forget it. We didn't have a full understanding of what we were faced with in World War II, even though we had a pretty good idea. When we found out what was going on in those concentration camps and we found out mass murder was taking place and how, not only did we show it and not only were there films and not only did the media and the army go in and take pictures of the evidence, we get movies about it to this day so we do not forget.
If we allow the Media to continue to censor what we see, we run the risk of committing the unforgivable: We risk forgetting.


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