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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


John, John, John

Will this guy never learn? Why is it that I can't read a single article about Kerry without the V word coming up? (And I do not mean 'victory'...the waffler would never use that one.) Here's the latest:

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) ventured in to Republican leaning Virginia on Monday with a Memorial Day pitch targeting military families and a charge that President Bush (news - web sites) "didn't learn the lessons of our generation in Vietnam."

Actually, Bush did learn the lessons of Vietnam. He learned that when we fight, we fight to win. Did you learn that lesson Mr. Presumptive Nominee? I think not:

Kerry joined Virginia Gov. Mark Warner for a Memorial Day parade in Portsmouth, home to naval shipyards and other big military installations, and later promised he could get American troops home from Iraq (news - web sites) sooner than Bush would.

"I believe I can lead us out of Iraq effectively by accomplishing goals we need to accomplish but without putting our troops at greater risk," he said

Now, how would the Presumptive Nominee do such a thing? Good question. I have absolutely no idea, mostly because he has never given any indication of a plan. But hey, he's not Bush, right?

So what was President Bush doing this Memorial Day? He was paying tribute to our troops and, from what I have seen, made no mention of Kerry or the election. Humm...I wonder who has more class?

All right Mr. Kerry, a few more things:

"I think this administration has overextended our military" he said in an interview with a local TV station.

"It has turned the Guard and Reserve into almost active duty. ... even while they are creating more veterans, they are not taking care of the veterans we have the way they ought to be" he said.

I'm not convinced that our military is overextended, but let's say it is. Why would that be? Could it be that the previous Administration reduced the military by about 1/3? Hum? As for Guard and Reserve, I'm afraid that if you look at the fine print you'll find that this is exactly what they signed up for. I personally appreciate each and every one of them doing so...and I truly hope that they each jumped in with their eyes wide open.

I think that this Memorial Day provided us with yet another look (if an unwanted one, considering the day) at the true John Kerry. I hope that people will see what should be painfully obvious and do the right thing in November.


Speaking of waffles...NE Republican has a great cartoon of Kerry. Check it out.


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