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Monday, June 21, 2004


Iraq War Not Worth Fighting?!

The Washington (com)Post has released the results of their latest to-make-your-own-news-just-ask-questions (i.e., poll) (hat tip The Command Post). Their findings?...

The joint survey by America's ABC News and the Washington Post found seven in 10 Americans thought US casualties were "unacceptable".

And the number of those confident the war had enhanced long-term US security was down 11 points since the beginning of the year, to 51 per cent.


Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was slightly ahead of him in terms of who was trusted to handle terrorism - 48 per cent to 47 per cent.

Mr Bush had a 13-point lead over Mr Kerry on the same issue a month ago and a 21-point lead in April.

Evaluating Mr Bush's overall job performance, 47 per cent of Americans polled approved and 51 per cent disapproved.

If the election was held today, Mr Kerry would have a four-point lead over Mr Bush in the three-way race including independent candidate Ralph Nader, according to the survey.
What does this prove? Well, as many have pointed out previously, even as Bush loses points on any number of topics Kerry generally fails to gain proportionally. Perhaps this is stretching the Silver Lining just a bit, but it does seem to reason that if people actively supported/liked a candidate, his numbers would skyrocket while his opponent's fell. Well, even with the Media hyping bad news like there's no tomorrow, Bush and Kerry are still in a statistical dead heat.

Outside the Beltway has some good, specific, analysis on this topic.

The basic thing I take away from this is that the people of this country are (once again) allowing themselves to be lead around like sheep. Apparently, the responders to this poll have swallowed, hook, line and sinker the Media's distortions and outright lies about what the Bush Admin did and did not say leading up to the war. If you don't kow what I'm talking about, try reading the Outside the Beltway post and doing what you can to conjure up mental images of what 'life' under Saddam (hat tip Right Voices) must have been like. Then tell me that our sacrifices weren't worth it.


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