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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


(Hot) Air America

Seeing as how I have doubted Air America's staying power previously (and been contradicted in the Comments), I thought an update was in order.

Hog on Ice has a great post on Air America and their internal (not to mention external) contractions (hat tip Marcland):

I guess I need to go back to school, because I thought liberalism was all about sharing the wealth and helping the worker. Turns out I was totally wrong, as the situation at Air Amerika Radio shows. According to an AP article, the folks who started the "network" misrepresented their assets to investors and new executives, and then they threw a $70,000 opening bash, which they are now paying for by withholding salaries from their employees.

Kind of sounds like they're into Castro's brand of socialism. The big dogs get the meat, and the workers get the bone. Well, really, isn't that the ONLY kind of socialism? From labor unions to the former USSR, socialism has always been a way to funnel wealth to the bosses.

Here's a telling quote:

"When you believe you're doing work for the greater good, you don't question as much," says Javier Saade, a former Air America executive vice president.
Hey, how shocking, coming from a liberal. "We started a business and didn't think about whether it would actually make money (i.e. "work"), and now we're amazed that it's in trouble."
Ayn Rand should rise from her grave and kick that guy right in the balls.
I love it. And, I think Ayn Rand might just come through too, regardless of the normal Laws of Nature.

In the end they're going to fail and blame it on 1) the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, 2) the 'fact' that Liberals are just to dang sophisticated for talk radio and 3) anyone and anything else they can think of.


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