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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


A Few Lefty Busters

From time to time I find myself engaged in a 'discussion' with a liberal friend and unable to recall exactly where it was that I saw a particular piece that backs up my claims. Since I require that those who argue with me adhere to the highest standards of documentation, I hold myself to the same.

Here are a few articles that I've run across lately (and not so lately) that might come in handy during your next 'discussion'.

Iraq and al Qaida: Friends or Enemies of Enemies?

Fact Check.org has a great analysis of the current debate over links, contacts, collaborative relationships, etc.

For original articles check out Reuters, Slick Willy Himself, the NYT, the AP, the UK Telegraph, PBS (that's right PBS!), Andrew Sullivan, The Weekly Standard, and NRO.

For some interesting things the 9/11 Commission apparently missed check out the NY Post.

Iraqi WMD's?

Clinton thought so (his own words), CNS News, UN Inspections, maybe Saddam himself was fooled

Ronald Reagan: Did Liberals Really Love Him Way Back When?

Humm...no. And they don't love him now. Proof?

Back then: Andrew Sullivan, Ann Coulter.

Now: Working For Change, Slate, Ted Rall.

Global Warming...Or...Global Cooling?

It's so hard to keep it all straight. Here are few from both sides.

Warming: Reuters, Al Gore (funny for so many reasons), Indian Cities To Be Submerged

Cooling: CS Monitor, Newsweek, The new ice age

Along a slightly differ vein:

'Prehistoric man began global warming'

Aliens Cause Global Warming (A really good article...seriously).

Oil For Corruption...I Mean Food...or something

The List!

And Another The List!

The stories: Overview, UK MP's involvement, Saddam, the French, cover-up?

Bunch 'o' Denials: UN Denials, everybody denies it


Enjoy and use this power wisely =).


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