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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Enemies, Then And Now

My dad and I carry on pretty extensive correspondence by email on a daily basis. Every now and then one of us hits on something that seems to cut through the BS more than usual. For him, today was one of those days. Here's part of what he wrote this morning:

Our contemporary enemies in the War on Terror are far more dangerous than the mortal enemies we faced in WW II. The reason I say this is because in WW II the Japanese certainly and the Germans possibly wanted only to control a larger sphere of influence with it's concomint raw materials including rubber, oil, cropland and manpower. Their goal was to have a more powerful economy capable of producing the products required to be a world dominating power. Our current enemies desire none of that. They want our very lives. They want to kill us, our children and prevent future generations of infidels. To them, if we refuse to convert, our lives not only have no value but have, in fact, a negative worth because we don't worship Islam. The Axis powers of WW II needed their conquered enemies to continue to live in order to make them slave laborers, they killed them for two reasons only. First, in Europe, because of religion (Judaism, of course) and second to terrorize the living to stay in line and not resist. Consider Vichy France. The French people WERE NOT systematically killed for refusing to convert to another religion. In fact, they were not only encouraged but REQUIRED to work to make the economy function. The opposite is, in fact, what our
current adversaries desire. Ooops, did I say "desire"? I should have said "require" because they want ONLY our lives, nothing else. Their goal, as opposed to that of the Axis powers of WW II, is to destroy our economy and return the world to the 15th century where there is no advanced civilization and thus no need for a modern economy with the technological requirements thereof. Combine that with their tactics of fighting without uniforms, a visible chain of command, a propensity to murder unarmed civilians and their ultimate desire to die in the attempt makes them, I believe, a much more dangerous enemy that the pikers of the 1940's. Not only because it makes them hard to locate but, more importantly, it makes it easier for liberals to justify NOT fighting back because they seem disorganized and inept and thus not worth getting too excited about. What think you?

I think he's right on. To me, there are two things that scare the living bejebbers out of me concerning the War on Terror (both of which are alluded to in the email: 1) Terrorists want to kill all of us and cannot be convinced to change their minds and 2) there are people in my country who are dumb enough to think we can reason with these animals.


JYB has some thoughts on the moral equlivance argument that so many spineless (and brainless) so-called 'human rights groups' unthinkingly resort to. Makes you wonder who's side they're on.


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