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Friday, June 25, 2004


Dying Gasps Of An Ideology

As I have said before, the violence in Iraq (horrible though it may be) is the dying gasp of a doomed Ideology. The Belmont agrees in a recent post. Give it a read. Here's a bit:

The week leading up to the formal transfer of power to the Iraqi interim government will be punctuated by heavy yet pointless violence. The event is as unstoppable as the Overlord invasion, Zarqawi or no. The enemy had better prepare his fallback position and prepare for the next phase of the campaign.
The next phase is going to involve growing peace, freedom and prosperity in Iraq. The forces of evil cannot win in the face of Freedom. When people have a shot at living happy and comfortable lives the vast majority will not be willing to condone (let alone take part in) Terrorism and similar evil.

Those three factors (Peace, Freedom and Prosperity) are going to signal the next death knell of the old bell for Islamofacism. So stay strong and don't give in to the pessimism of the Left.


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