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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Down The Rabbit Hole

As of this post Drudge has one of his signature teasers posted on his front page about a potential Washington (com)Post bombshell of sorts:

Now WASH POST Looking At Israeli tactics dealing with prisoners... Developing Wednesday in Page One Splash, Say Newsroom Sources...

If true it would seem that, in keeping with the tradition of scandal --> investigation --> investigation of other potential scandals, the Israelis might be under the harsh light of the (anti)Western Media in the near future.

Is this a good or a bad thing? That's a question to which I don't yet have the answer. However, in the case of Israel and its treatment of prisoners we should keep something very clearly in mind: The Israelis are fighting for their very lives (and have been since the UN established Israel as a country) against all comers (read: Arabs). This is not some metaphorical, or even real, 'battle' for freedom that we have seen countless times in our short history. Rather, they are fighting for the literal survival of their individual families. If Israel loses, there will be no second chance.

I happen to think that we (particularly the Bush Admin.) will not let Israel lose, even if it came to direct military action on our part to save her. However, the consequences of such a conflict would be terrible both in terms of immediate loss of life and the potential (or perhaps certainty) of the loss of any pretense of civility with any Arab countries whatsoever.

So, with respect to how they treat their prisoners bear in mind that Israel absolutely cannot lose. If that means not treating terrorists like prodigal sons would you stop them and risk losing the only democratically-minded country in the entire Middle East (at least until Iraq gets there)?


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