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Thursday, June 17, 2004


A Doomed Ideology

A car bomb exploded today in Baghdad:

AT least 32 people were killed and 120 wounded when a powerful car bomb exploded at the gates of a recruitment centre for the new Iraqi army in Baghdad today as volunteers queued to sign up.

Bloodied and battered bodies lay tangled in the street outside the recruitment centre, as ambulances struggled to deal with the chaos, an AFP correspondent on the scene said.

Rescue workers heaped badly mutilated casualties into ambulances and police trucks, while dazed Iraqi army men in uniform stood watching the carnage.

"They attacked the Iraqi army recruiting centre with a car bomb, we are trying to rescue people," first lieutenant Saad Idan said.

"It is an attack on the Iraqi army."

Two things. First, this really is an attack on the Iraqi army, and on the Iraqi people (as all of these car bombings have been). Eventually, the full implications of that action, attacking the Iraqi people, will truly hit home. At that point, I believe that the 'insurgency' will be officially dead.

Second, all of these horrible attacks are the last dying gasp of a doomed ideology. Totalitarianism cannot hold on forever in the face of people with a real hope of freedom. We and our allies have given the Iraqi people a gift: The hope of freedom. Further, we are and will continue to provide them with the means of realizing the dream of freedom. With those two forces working there is no hope for these evildoers who would drag the Iraqi people back into the 14th century.

When we look back in 10, 20, 50 years we will see a 'rough spot' and be eternally grateful (just as most of us are now) for the sacrifices made during that time. Following that 'rough spot,' however, I believe that we will see a country trying out its freedom-legs for the first time in many, many years. Those legs will not always support them fully, and there will certainly be some stumbling, but they will be helped to stand for as long as necessary. Then, once they've gotten their balance, we will see a new ally in a region of the world where once we had none.

So please, keep heart, pray for our men and women in uniform and do what you can to support this difficult but worthy effort to bring freedom and prosperity to Iraq.


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