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Sunday, June 06, 2004



Let me personally say Thank You to the men who waded ashore and scaled the cliffs 60 years ago today, starting the long, bloody march that finally ended in Berlin with the death of the Nazis and the freeing of Europe.

So many lost their lives that we might live in freedom today. I hope that we will always remember the massive sacrifice made by the Greatest Generation. As the men of that Age begin to leave us, we must work ever harder to ensure that our societal memory remains clear and accurate. Each and every one of them deserves to be remembered and honored. And not only because they won the most resounding and far-reaching victory in modern history, but also because they won a war that was a much closer thing than many would like to think about today.

It is far too easy to look back and never consider that they might have lost the Battle of the Bulge. They might even have been turned back into the sea exactly 60 years ago today. But they were not. No, instead of giving into despair at the horrible and astonishing loss of life, they fought on. These young men grew up all too quickly as they marched or rolled across Western Europe, all while paying a terrible cost in blood.

Always remember that hundreds of thousands of young lives were cut short in the defense of Freedom. Remember also that these young men asked only that they be allowed to go home and lead their lives in peace when it was over. I think Colon Powell said it best (paraphrased):

All we've ever asked in return for defending freedom is enough land to bury our dead.

Thank you to all veterans and current military personnel.

And special thanks today to the brave men who fought on the shores and cliffs of Normandy.

I swear to Always Remember and Never Forget.


A truly touching tribute (hat tip Liberal Utopia).


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