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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


The Common Man's President

I liked many of the quotes in this article, so I thought I'd link it (via Drudge):

Roxana Jones, 47, brought two daughters in school uniforms. One of them, Shanley, 15, said she learned in school about Reagan's fight against communism.

"He was just an awesome guy, and I call him my president," she said.


Leslie Williams, 48, of Mission Viejo, said she has been a Marine reservist since age 18.

"My commander-in-chief epitomized the will of the greatest country on Earth to pursue freedom for all freedom-loving people," she said.

And my favorite:
"I was praying the whole time he was alive we would live up to all he thought we could do," she said. "He was so optimistic about us. He's in the hands of God now - as he always has been."


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