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Thursday, June 24, 2004


The Babe Ruth of Catholicism

Well, except that he probably doesn't party and all that. Fr. Rob does, however, nail it out of the park each and every time he steps to the plate. Check out his most recent post on pro-abortion "Catholics". Here's a bit:

Apart from the utter mendacity of politicians who parrot their lines about being "personally opposed" to abortion, a mendacity which I expose here, here,and here, the fatuity of the "personally opposed, but..." position is demonstrated by simply using the Nazi comparison Father van Beeck provides. Imagine a Nazi official saying:

"I'm personally opposed to rounding up Jews, enslaving and gassing them, but I won't impose my religious faith on others."


"I'm personally opposed to the mass execution of Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies, but I have to represent the views of all the Nazis, the majority of whom support execution-on-demand."

We would rightly regard somone who uttered such things to be either a lunatic or a moral monster. At the very least we'd conclude there was something truncated about his moral vision.
Truly great stuff. Check it out.


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