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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Ann's Latest Column's Up

Ann Coulter's latest column, Let's Rewrite One For The Gipper! is up. She touches on something that I had commented on previously (along with many others (Sullivan, for one)) and I thank her for the additional evidence. Here's a bit:

The chattering classes weren't so copacetic about Reagan's religious beliefs when he was in office. In 1984, Newsweek breathlessly reported that "Reagan is known to have read and discussed with fundamentalist friends like (Jerry) Falwell and singer Pat Boone such pulp versions of biblical prophecies as Hal Lindsey's best-selling 'The Late Great Planet Earth,' which strongly hints of a nuclear Armageddon." One hundred Christian and Jewish "leaders" signed a letter warning that Reagan's nuclear policy had been unduly influenced by a "theology of nuclear Armageddon." In the second presidential debate that year, President Reagan was actually asked to clarify his position on "nuclear Armageddon."

As usual, she is superb. Read the whole thing.


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