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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


These Poor Children

According to the Independent, UN troops in the Congo have been raping little girls (hat tip Instapundit (see also Stambord)). These scumbags have been forcing sex on girls at least as young as 13:

The Independent has found that mothers as young as 13 - the victims of multiple rape by militiamen - can only secure enough food to survive in the sprawling refugee camp by routinely sleeping with UN peace-keepers.


The trade, which according to one victim results in a banana or a cake to feed to her infant son, is taking place despite a pledge by the UN to adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude to cases of sexual misconduct by those representing the organization.

One girl, Faela, 13, whose son, Joseph, is not yet six months old, has described how the social stigma of her fatherless child, the result of repeated rape by militiamen in her village, mean she is treated like a pariah in the chaotic and violent Bunia camp, which is home to 15,000 people.

There are few things more repugnant than these acts. And who is committing these crimes? UN soldiers. This at a time when our troops are under Media fire for abusing prisoners and those same people want the UN to take over for us! Let's see...abusing prisoners (most of whom were guilty of crimes and/or of killing our soldiers) vs. soldiers forcing sex on young girls whom they are supposed to be protecting.

What the hell is going on here? Why is this not all over the front pages of the Major Media? Why did it take my perusing Instapundit to have the brought to my attention? We know that the Media, as a whole, is Anti-American (note difference in Berg vs. Abu Dhabi coverage)...but are they also racist? Do they simply not care about what's happening in the Congo because it's happening to little black girls? What, no evidence to support such a charge? Well, as the Princess of CA once said, it's the seriousness of the charge that's important. I think there should be a hearing on this.

All politics aside. What is happening to these poor little girls is absolutely horrifying and indefensible. There is no excuse for any of this. I think the UN should be deeply involved in the process of rooting out the guilty individuals and bringing them to justice. If they hope to keep any of the little credibility they still have, they damn well better be keeping the World informed of every inch of their progress as they go.

And finally, if other world events are to be any guide, we should be having a serious debate about whether or not Kofi Annan is to be held personally responsible for these soldiers’ transgressions.

Think any of this is likely? I don’t…but that doesn’t make me feel one bit better. And…more to the point…it certainly does nothing for those poor little girls being systematically raped in the Congo.

If only there were pictures and the Media hated the UN. Then maybe something might get done.


Random Nuclear Strikes also has some thoughts.

Update 2:

Chrenkoff has some thoughts.


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