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Sunday, May 23, 2004


Kerry's A Jerk

I refrained from commenting on Kerry's little insult towards Bush the other day about the latter having fallen off his mountain bike. Here's what Kerry said after the Leader of the Free World took a tumble (according to Drudge):

'Did the training wheels fall off?'

Nice. Does anyone remember Bush having anything snide to say about Kerry after falling off his bike?

Amazing, I also did not hear any accounts of President Bush accusing his Secret Service agents for causing his fall. Does anyone remember Kerry calling a Secret Service agent (you know, the one who has sworn to take a bullet for him) a "Son of a Bitch"?

So why do I comment now? I ran across a defense of Kerry for his comment (hat tip Instapundit). Here's what he had to say:

OK, get past your first reaction, and open your mind to the possibility that this was a topical quip. Apparently, it was only yesterday that Bush was using a training wheel metaphor to describe Iraq:

"He talked about ‘time to take the training wheels off,"’ said Rep. Deborah Pryce, R-Ohio. "The Iraqi people have been in training, and now it’s time for them to take the bike and go forward."

That might have provided the inspiration for Kerry's attempt at humor; I suspect that will be the explanation, anyway.

BONUS: The straight news story has Kerry's approved reaction - ""I hope he's OK. I didn't know the president rode a bike."

Soo...Bush talked about training wheels in a relatively metaphorical sense regarding Iraqis taking over their own government (something they have literally never done) and that is supposed to explain/excuse this comment?

Let's be generous here and say it was just an unthinking little slip of the tongue. Fine. I also recognize that Kerry wished the President well. The only thing I expect is an apology for directly insulting (as I have already said) The Leader of the Free World.

Is that too much to ask?


Wash Times has now commented on Kerry's foot being in his off-the-record-mouth. Here's what his spokeswoman had to say:

Interviewed by The Washington Times yesterday, Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter would say only that the words Mr. Drudge reported were "off the record."

Oh, so being a stupid arse off the record is ok. I see. Next time I stick my foot in my mouth in front of reporters I'll make sure they all understand it's off limits because I'm just dumb...but first I'll have to become a Democrat to get such a pass (as evidenced by a certain Republican Senator).

Update 2:

I realized that I failed to mention an important aspect to this story. Random Nuclear Strikes has done it for me. Not a bad blog, give it a read.

Update 3:

Oh, and he's an idiot too. I guess you just can't expect someone who's on every side of every issue to know anything about history (hat tip Instapundit).


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