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Monday, May 31, 2004


I'm Back, And I'm Disgusted

Baseball was great this weekend. It's always nice to get unplugged from the world for a while and just sit in the sun and watch the greatest sport on Earth.

Unfortunately, I got plugged back in today and found Drudge posting a very disturbing story about children being killed because they are considered less-than-perfect. This is really terrible and you should read the whole thing. Here are a few tid bits:

There were more babies with Down's aborted than born with the condition in 2002, with 372 terminations compared with 329 births.


The charity LIFE said it fears women may come under increased pressure if their unborn babies are judged to have special needs.

Trustee Nuala Scarisbrick said: 'This is straightforward eugenics. The message is being sent out to disabled people that they should not have been born. It is appalling and abhorrent.'


Anne Weyman, chief executive of the Family Planning Association, said techniques to detect foetal abnormalities have become very sophisticated, giving women more information on which to base decisions.

'Ending a wanted pregnancy because of serious foetal abnormality is a difficult decision for the woman,' she added. 'It is vital she receives support and guidance to make the right decision for her and her family.'

I see, so Anne thinks that we should "base decisions" about whether or not to kill an unborn child on the presence or absence of a cleft lip? I'm sure she would say no...but I don't care. The fact is she supports these horrible actions by condoning abortion in the first place.

As a term I think Eugenics has lost some of its original meaning. It seems that people can read this article, see the word 'eugenics' (and the actual practice thereof) and not be absolutely horrified. I say this because if people were to take a strong (and correct) stand against eugenics there would be absolutely no one out there defending anything even resembling the despicable practice of abortion-on-demand.

I am constantly astounded by the anti-life's stances on all of this. They say that a woman needs to choose and make the "right decision for her and her family." Of course, that decision cannot be anything even close "right" since she is, in fact, killing a member of her family. Do you disagree? Let me know. I'd love to hear why.


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