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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

GATTACA Here We Come

Remember the good old days, after WWI, when plastic surgery was just getting off the ground? I don't, but I've heard that it was developed to repair the horrible wounds caused by shell explosions. Today, we can all see just how far it has come. Good or bad? Depends on your point of view.

A much more recent medical advance has been In vitro fertilization (IVF). As you may be aware, this is a powerful technique for helping infertile couples having a child that is at least biologically related.

Along with this, we have developed the ability to choose the gender of the IVF baby. This can sometimes be medially necessary, or at least beneficial, in the case of gender-specific disease risks. This gender selection methodology, however, obviously can be applied to non-medically necessary uses…and has been.

So now a couple knows that this exists, and they want to choose the gender of their next child. So they catch an ad from these fine people, and decide to spend the $199 to give it a shot. Then they end up with the correct gender and say, ‘Great! It worked!’

Ah, but is there any proof? The chances of having a baby of a given gender are 50/50 to start with, and this company will apparently not release any stats because, “a spokesman said sales figures are confidential.” Right, how convenient.

Speaking of convenient, check this out:

"We have some people who didn't get the gender that they chose," Sweazy said, "but virtually every one of them didn't do it right."

I guess as long as this product isn’t hurting anyone, there are only truth-in-advertising issues. But again, there’s no proof for ANYTHING having to do with this kit. Scary stuff.


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